Hello and welcome FestCollector,

I am a Jozi working 'millenigirl'. I love my city; its energy, beautiful and diverse people and opportunities! It has helped catalyse this story. 

As may be the case for you, I wanted to support a cause or impact entrepreneur during the end-of-year festive season in 2017, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. In the time frame, resources to plan a large event or fundraiser were not available. I also knew that there were many phenomenal and innovative NPOs and social entrepreneurs already in existence, working hard to improve my country and our world, who could have even greater impact with more exposure and support. Their work should be celebrated! 

At any time of the year, we have a lot to celebrate and many reasons to get festive - birthdays, work achievements, religious occasions, political milestones and much more. This realisation led to the idea (borrowed and tweaked) to leverage off these celebrations and encourage anyone, anywhere to Party with a Purpose!  

The concept is that anyone hosting or coming together for any event (or 'collective' as I call it) can make their occasion, no matter how big or small, special by challenging their guests to take part in #FestiveCollective and bring a donation, raise awareness through a simple social media post and pledge support to any excellent impact organisation that they care about - all whilst doing what they were already doing and having fun! 

Involving your existing events and encouraging you to challenge or nominate your friends to take part in #FestiveCollective via social media creates the opportunity for more impact (and more good times)!

We are the socially and environmentally conscious generation. Now more than ever, we are empowered to create a better, more inclusive world. This is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss. Our future is the one we choose. Please join the movement! 

Input and comments on how to improve this campaign are welcomed! Thanks for your support. 

L xxx


What is #festivecollective?

#FestiveCollective is a fun social awareness and fundraising campaign that challenges YOU to host a 'collective' (a dinner, a birthday party, a work function, an educational meetup) of any size, anywhere to raise support or a donation for an impactful cause of your choice. Gather your friends at your gathering and post on social media using the hasthag #festivecollective. Make a triangle pose for change. Party with a purpose! 

It's so easy to take part! All you have to do is:



1. GATHER  around your kitchen table, at your office party, at a picnic in the park, or at a dinner with friends. 


2. SUPPORT Choose an impact hero you would like to support. This can be any NPO or social entrepreneur. To make it simple, you can choose from our 'Featured Impact Heroes' page on our website or Facebook page to support. Encourage your friends to bring a small donation (perhaps instead of a gift or ticket fee) or pledge support (buy their product, volunteer, bring something they need).  

How can I donate? It's eeeeasy! Hosts (what we call FestCollectors) collect from friends and pay via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) by clicking on the DONATE button on our website which will direct you to the verified payment details of our FEATURED IMPACT HEROES. Alternatively, donate directly to your chosen cause if not featured. 

In both cases, please use FESTCOLLECT as your payment reference so we can track our impact and take it further! 

3. POST a pic or vid of your crew having a good time using the hashtag #FestiveCollective and tag @TheFestiveCollectiveChallenge (Facebook) / FestCollect (Instagram and Twitter). Most importantly: 
- Tag or mention the impact organisation/entrepreneur you choose to support!

- We challenge you to pose using the symbol of the campaign -a triangle - (for change) in your pictures! Pose with your hands, or build a human pyramid! The more creative, the better! 

4. CHALLENGE more friends to host or post! 
- Challenge a friend in any corner of the globe to take part in #FestiveCollective

Let’s host 'festive collectives' in Nairobi, Barcelona, London and Hong Kong! Join the movement! 


Anything else?
1. Please like our Facebook Page, follow our Instagram account FestCollect or Twitter @FestCollect and spread the word! 
2. The MOST FESTIVE 'COLLECTIVES' will be chosen from your pics and video submissions! "Dress up, host your own fundraiser" 
3. Other hashtags: #PartywithaPurpose
4. If only five dinners happen and donate, we will be happy! That said, share your ideas with us on how to achieve great success! 
5. If you would like your NPO or business to feature as an Impact Hero, please contact us. 

6. This campaign is NOT limited to South Africa. 

7. Disclaimer: Festive Collective Challenge is not a registered NPO and is not responsible for collection of donations. It serves as an awareness and connection platform.