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Partnership announcement! BECSA

#FestiveCollective is proud to partner with the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA).

"Let’s get festive! BECSA is proud to partner with The Festive Collective Challenge, a social awareness campaign

that encourages anyone, anywhere to ‘Party with a Purpose’. BECSA's convenings will invite you to do just that - gather to have fun and learn more about Blockchain AND celebrate and support the admirable work of our chosen impact heroes. In addition, this partnership will explore ‘Blockchain For Good’ and the technology’s exciting potential to positively impact our world!"

BECSA is dedicated to:

• Blockchain and cryptocurrency education

• Networking and engagement amongst like-minded entrepreneurs

• Fostering the creation of business opportunities

• Being socially responsible by highlighting and supporting a cause that can benefit from this ecosystem

Facebook: @Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa



About us

Formed in March 2018, the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA) serves as a destination for those interested in learning about all things blockchain related; from DLTs, to Hyperledger, to cryptocurrency. This is a space for those from all different backgrounds, that are keen to learn, meet and network and most of all to further grow the Blockchain scene in South Africa. Meet ups will be organised in different cities where you can meet and greet, network and share business ideas with likeminded individuals and entrepeneurs. We can’t ignore the underlying technology that is changing the world as we know it. All are welcome, no matter where you are in the space currently so please feel free to invite your friends to this group.

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#FestiveCollective is a fun social awareness and fundraising campaign that challenges YOU to host a 'collective' (a dinner, a birthday party, a work function, an educational meetup) of any size, anywhere to raise support for an impactful cause of your choice. Gather your friends at your gathering and post on social media using the hasthag #festivecollective. Make a triangle pose for change. Party with a purpose! 

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